1000 albums.

1000 albums.
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I just went to update my Gravatar, you know, that erstwhile avatar hub made by Matt Mullenweg (and team) to make sure your social media presence was uniform. It's still used? But I'm not sure by whom.

In any case, I found one of my old blogs on WordPress! The idea was simple: review 1000 of the weirdest albums I could find. Did I achieve that goal? No. Not even close. I got to 6 albums and gave up.

However, if you're interested in seeing me try and fail, check out the post! If you don't, and you're curious about some harp music, this was my favorite album I found: Telyn Berseiniol fy ngwlad.

If I do resurrect the 1000 Albums project, you'll be sure to hear about it first. Until next time.

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1000 Albums
by u/tenhittender in BCELabs